Technology - Glasses

Glass is irregularly arranged is atoms constituting a material having a glass transition temperature. Those commonly referred to as glasses have been used for lenses and windows is silicate glass that is a main constituent of silicon dioxide SiO2.

Network former (SiO2, B2O3, P2O5, etc.), network modifier (Na2O, K2O, CaO, alkali of BaO, etc., alkaline earth), intermediates that form the skeleton of a real network of when the glass is coexistence of (Al2O3) It is made up of a combination. It can be regarded as a polymer metal oxide are combined.

Mechanical glass materials, chemical, because the thermal and optical properties are largely due to the composition, characteristic control of the glass can be considered as composition control.

Glass is produced mainly by quenching of the molten liquid, but sputtering in the field of functional glass, vacuum deposition, chemical vapor deposition, sol - gel method, or the like is also available.