Technology - Eutectic

Glass can dissolve the melt the high melting point material produced by low melting point ingredients, are produced by quenching the melt by eutectic effect.

Solid, liquid, and it is known that there are three states of gas to material. Generally it is a liquid becomes a solid state in which the constituent atoms be arranged regularly (the melting point in the case of a liquid from a solid) is cooled freezing point, glass ordered arrangement of atoms by rapidly cooling a molten liquid It is produced by being inhibited from occurring. Glass can be regarded as a solidified product of supercooled liquid.

  1. Water evaporation contained in the raw material: Raw materials mixture release a water as a vapor
  2. Gas desorption caused by the thermal decomposition of the raw material: Gasses desorb decomposed thermally from raw materials
  3. Most low melting point raw materials has generated to melt the liquid phase: The raw material, having lowest melting temperature in a batch, it melts to make a liquid.
  4. A variety of liquid phase is mutually dissolved in each other, a raw material that is further present as a solid is dissolved in these liquid phase: Several kind of liquid dissolve each other, and furthermore they dissolve also raw materials existed as solid phase.
  5. Materials with each other and the resulting silicate and oxide solid phase reaction.
  6. Guests dissolved gas that covers the molten glass surface in the glass, the gas produced by the reaction of the glass is released
(1) to (6) reaction is complex place of glass will generate

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