Water permeable ceramic brick “Cerac”

These innovative bricks are highly eco-friendly and feature water permeability for draining standing water, and are ideal for walkways and pedestrian zones in outdoor spaces such as parks, parking lots, and roof terraces.

During production, "Cerac" is applied to prevent pedestrian slippage and water splashes in the pavement during rainy weather. Cerac is a new type of paving material that has been developed in order to provide a safe and comfortable environment. With the texture of pottery, and warmed by a combination of a variety of peaceful color, they offer a beautiful building building material suitable for a city or town.

A form of pottery combined with glaze sludge and glass, Cerac is a product born from efforts to recycle waste materials such as municipal sludge incineration ash. In fact, 93% of the raw materials used are recyclable waste. So in addition to the functional aspects such as landscape beautification and water permeability, and heat island measures, they provide resource protection, by being "recycling-oriented products" that contribute to the goals of improved environmental protection. It is also possible to re-recycle the shellac used in their construction.

Drainage after Sprinkling or Spreading